Switchgear Construction & Installation

We build switchgears for your equipment and machines in accordance with circuit diagrams and construction plans we have prepared or in accordance with the technical documents you provide.

We equip our switchgears with components from reputable manufacturers such as Rittal, Eaton, Siemens or Schneider Electric, but we will also be happy to use components you have chosen.

We will also take charge of the installation to complete your equipment or machine, offering you service based on the slogan “everything from a single source.” We select the right materials as appropriate for the ambient conditions and carry out professional installation and connection work.

We always conclude our installation work with the operational startup of the components as well as preparation of the appropriate operational startup records and the electrotechnical measurement in accordance with VDE.

We offer you the supply and installation of optical fibre transmission technology for the integration of detached system parts, including the required splicing work and transmission components. Transmission over distances of many kilometres is possible when modern components are used.